Cheltenham Trauma and Counselling Clinic offers expert care and treatment for a range of common psychological problems. Our team is made up of counselling psychologists, a psychodynamic counsellor and psychiatrists. We are all registered with professional bodies and offer you safe and effective care.

Members of the public looking for counselling services for depression, anxiety, bereavement, OCD, phobias, stress and many other problems, please see our Counselling page.

Professionals such as consultants, doctors, fire brigades, police, etc., seeking treatment for their patients or staff who suffer from PTSD will find information on this site about the symptoms of PTSD and the treatments offered at Cheltenham Trauma & Counselling Clinic. These include eye movement, desensitization and reprocessing treatment (EMDR), cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), psychodynamic counselling and cognitive analytic therapy (CAT).

Parents of children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties with their emotions or behaviour can find help here through our child counselling psychologist. Please see the Counselling for Children page.

Couples experiencing relationship difficulties can often find effective resolution by talking through issues with an impartial couples counsellor. Please see our Couples Counselling page.

Psychiatry is offered to those people requiring medication to help treat their condition. In addition, some insurance providers insist on a psychiatric assessment before therapy can begin.

ChTC is delighted to announce a Wellbeing in the Workplace package for businesses comprising Emotional Intelligence Assessment. Please see our Wellbeing in the Workplace page.