Health Psychology Services

Dr Joanna Nowill, Samantha Lindley, Dr Nicky Dobbin and Dr Katrina Jones have all worked in the NHS, specifically in Health Psychology, and are experienced in working with people who have a serious long-term or life-threatening illness.

Working with a psychologist can help you to make sense of your illness and to find ways towards dealing with the impact of the illness on both you and those around you. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone experienced who can offer different points of view, to help you find ways of regaining a sense of control and to understand how to deal better with distressing thoughts and feelings. Finding new ways of coping and enhancing your existing strengths can help to tackle the problems you face.

Communicating our understanding of your problems with the consultant looking after you at your hospital, or GP service, is an important aspect of our working ethic. However we do respect your privacy and will maintain confidentiality subject to the requirements of the law. This will all be explained to you at your first appointment.

Referrals and Fees

To make a referral, please either make a self-referral by telephoning our clinic mobile on 07501 251681 or ask your consultant or GP to make the referral. Our fees are for out-patient appointments. Appointments on hospital wards can be arranged and will include our travel costs.